A Step-by-step Guide For Beginners To Achieve The Trending Sunburnt Blush Look

Wondering how to get that sunburnt look without sun damage? Read on to find out!

While no one really likes getting sunburnt, many women worldwide are enjoying the new sunburnt blush look — trending on Instagram and Tik Tok. The fake sunburnt appearance can be created using a subtle orange blush smeared across the nose and cheeks. But there is a technique, you cannot just spread an orange blush all over your face to get that look. The makeup technique involved in the viral trend is very specific, and here’s a step-by-step guide to help you recreate that look at home.

Step One: Skip foundation

Instead of applying foundation first, head for the sun-kissed blush look and keep away from using heavy face products. Your goal should be to create a look that appears very natural and exudes a beachy summer vibe.

Step Two: Pick a highly pigmented blush

Since this look is inspired by sunburn, this makeup innovation is about integrating bright summer colors while keeping the look natural. To get the sunburnt blush look, pick a blush color between coral, orange, and peach — with a formula that is highly pigmented — and also the one that complements your skin tone. Opting for a color that is too dark or too light might spoil the entire look.

Step Three: Apply blush across your nose and cheeks

For nailing the sunburnt blush look, the application is key. Brush the pigment on your cheeks and over your nose — the color should be even all over. A single dab on your nose and each cheek should be enough to get that flushed appearance. Remember: Your blush should look slightly sunburnt and natural, not like you need to rub ice or aloe vera ASAP.

Step Four: Blend!

Blending plays the most crucial role in creating the ideal makeup look — and it stands true for every look. For the sunburnt look, it is essential to blend the blush well into the skin to achieve a less harsh and softer appearance of sunburn; a more natural summer flush.

Step Five: Skim shimmer

To recreate this look, it is best to use powder or cream blushes. However, you must avoid products that are too heavy on shimmer because the goal is to acquire a natural-looking flushed appearance. In case you want to go for a highlighter, pick a formula that has a dewy sheen or glossy effect to achieve a subtle look.

Once you get the technique right, you will be ready to slay.


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