Published By: Satavisha

A Step-by-step Guide To Creating The Magnetic Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Look At Home

The application technique used to create the “Cat Eye” nail polish look is not very different from regular gel polish. The only differentiating factor is that the glitter in the nail paint can be moved using a Cat Eye Magnet—to create an eye-catching 3D effect.

Cat eye nail polish aka velvet nails—gets its name from the three-dimensional effect that resembles a cat’s iris. It captures some of the best and most sought-after elements of the current nail trends. Cat eye nails are a bit sparkly, and a little metallic—and at the same time, they offer a luxurious yet minimalist vibe that can be worn across various nail shapes and skin tones. If you want to create this look at home, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Prep your nails

Prepping your nails is crucial because it ensures flawless application for any gel polish. Begin by pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher, and then file the tip of your nails to acquire the desired shape. Next, clean your claws using nail wipes to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

Prepping your claws will help eliminate excess oil from your nails, creating a clean and smooth canvas for the gel polish to adhere better.

Step 2: Pick a base coat

Now apply your favourite base coat in an even and thin layer on your nails. You must leave at least a millimetre from the cuticles. Then use the LED lamp to dry the base coat. Place your hand under the lamp for 60 seconds.

The base colour offers the cat eye gel polish a more intense look. You can apply any colour, but black generally elevates the visual appeal of multi-chrome colours, creating a galaxy-like effect. On the other hand, if you apply a lighter base colour, it helps create a subtle multi-dimensional look.

Step 3: Apply the magnetic nail polish

After the base gel coat dries, apply the magnetic cat eye gel polish on your nails, which contains iron powder—evenly distributed throughout the bottle. If the bottle of magnetic gel polish has been sitting for some time, shake it well so that the tiny glitter specks do not deposit at the bottom.

Step 4: Create patterns using the magnet

The glitter in the magnetic gel polish can be moved, using the cat eye magnet while still wet. Create a mesmerising galaxy-like effect on your claws. Hold the magnet over each nail for nearly 3 seconds, allowing the iron powder in the cat eye gel polish to get drawn to the magnet to create the desired pattern. To avoid premature peeling—keep the gel polish at least 1 millimetre from the cuticle. If you are satisfied with your design, let the gel polish dry by placing your hands under the LED lamp for one minute.

Step 5: Don’t forget the top coat

To seal and secure your cat eye nails, apply a clear gel top coat and cure it under the LED lamp. Allow the top coat to dry and harden for 1 minute under the curing light. The last step will help secure your nail art, enabling it to last longer.

To create this velvety look, you may pick any colour of your choiceand this design can be worn in any hue. However, to create an authentic look, you should consider applying actual cat eye colours. The cat eye gel nail paints come in green, yellow, blue, brown and many other colours. So pick the colour you love the most and get started ASAP!