A tourist guide to the beautiful country of Spain

Spain is always welcoming travelers over food and music

Formerly the Kingdom of Spain, the country is situated in Southwestern Europe surrounding and encompassing beautiful breathtaking landscapes. The country’s mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea; to the north by Andorra and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west by Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. With such a wide landscape the country comes with the positive effect of the people, in general, being happy and taking life as it is.

A traveler’s delight is always in mingling with the locals aiding them in living their life respectfully and contently. So if you are one of those travelers then you will love the country as the Spaniards love life and they wholeheartedly welcome visitors, enjoy good wine, and share a good meal. And the best part is that Spain is a super cheap country so plan a visit now. Let’s go through things you can do in Spain.

The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens
The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain, whereas the Palacio de Generalife was the summer palace and country estate of the Nasrid rulers of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus. The Generalife garden is located directly east of and uphill from the Alhambra palace complex in Granada. This Nasrid dynasty’s royal palace is the artistic highlight of Spain’s Islamic period. The complex includes several buildings, towers, walls, gardens, and a mosque. However, it is the indescribably intricate stone carvings, the magnificent tile-lined ceilings, and the beautiful courtyards of the palace that will leave you speechless.

SagradaFamilia and Gaudi Sites
Officially called the Temple Expiatori de la SagradaFamília or the Holy Family Church of the Atonement, the temple of the SagradaFamilia, the construction of which commenced in 1882, is a must-visit when in Spain. In today’s time, it is one of the emblems of Barcelona that is thronged by travelers all year long. In fact, this temple was partly built by Gaudí and in 2005 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mirador de San Nicolas
If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Spain, then the best place to soak in the sunset views is Mirador de San Nicolas, located in the Albaicin neighborhood of Granada. Over there one will definitely find plenty of beautiful houses in Spain. The Mirador de San Nicolas is said to be the best spot for a panoramic viewpoint at sunset.

A few other things to do in Spain are touring the Casa delChapiz, or wandering through Albaicin – a historical Moorish quarter of the city and the oldest neighborhood of Granada.

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