A Travel Guide to Junput, West Bengal

Junput is an offbeat beach destination that attracts tourists craving an escape from the crowd.

It doesn’t offer many activities, but the scenic natural beauty here is enough to rejuvenate your soul.

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Junput is a must-visit destination if going far away from the hustle-bustle of city life and spending a peaceful vacation amidst the laps of nature interests you. It’s located near Digha, in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, India.

Junput makes for a refreshing weekend getaway from Kolkata, and also many other neighboring cities. It’s blessed with scenic natural elegance, offering an abundance of rejuvenation to your soul.

How to Reach

From Kolkata, the most convenient option to reach Junput is to hire a cab, as this will take less than 3 hours.

The nearest railway station to Junput is in Contai. It’s well-connected to Howrah and several other railway stations in West Bengal.

There are also frequent buses available from Esplanade for the same.

Best Time to Visit

Junput is open to travelers all year round. But it’s advised to avoid summer and monsoon when visiting here.

The best time to visit Junput is during the months of winter.

Junput Beach is a paradise for nature lovers

The magnificent Junput Beach is the most sought-after attraction here. It remains very secluded, with a cool & comfortable breeze blowing all around.

The entire beach is surrounded by lots of Casuarinas. Moreover, it looks spectacular with its soft golden sands and turquoise water.

It’s an ideal spot for swimming (and also some other water sports).

Also, it offers breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset that leave all visitors in awe. So, make sure to bring a camera with you.

Other Attractions to Explore

Besides the beach, Junput also has several other tourist attractions that are worth a visit.

Kapalkundala Temple: Kapalkundala Temple is inarguably the most significant religious site in Junput. It hosts daily Puja which draws many devotees from the nearby villages.

Forest Department Museum: Forest Department Museum is another must-visit attraction here. It has an excellent collection of skeletons of birds, fishes, wild animals, mammals, reptiles, etc.

Chandrakona: Chandrakona is a nearby town that is renowned for its rich historical significance. It’s home to Lalgard and Ramgard Forts which were built by the Chauhan Kings. Both the forest are packed with statues of renowned personalities.

Junput is also a delightful place for all the foodies out there. There are many restaurants serving various dishes of North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese cuisines.

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