Published By: Nirtika Pandita

A travel guide to the island of Santorini

Santorini might be a small place but it has a lot to explore and roam around.

This island is a beautiful piece of space that will mesmerise the tourist with its scenic aura. Even after getting destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, the island emerged as a rugged landscape beauty. It may appear to be a small island but there is a lot to see and enjoy


An absolutely gorgeous harbour in Santorini and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. It is separated from Oia by 214 steps. This is an ideal spot for any and all sea lovers due to the abundance of seafood and marine life in the area. This legendary harbour is better known for its oldest tavern, Dimitris. If you're looking for something modern, go to one of Ammoudi's new restaurants. The restaurants in the vicinity are well known for their delicious flavours and low costs.


The Minoan civilization is well-known in Akrotiri. The remnants of the civilization continue to stay and entice thousands of tourists. Regardless of the fact that Akrotiri does not have much to offer, it is one of the best places to visit in Santorini. The site has a distinguishable appeal to it that draws you in. Akrotiri's actual town has been made of mud and brick. For hundreds of years, it has been meticulously preserved. The roof constructed over the town helps to keep wind gusts from inflicting harm. Apart from the ruins of ancient civilization, Akrotiri has two beaches: Vlichada and Red Beach.


Locations like Fira are what really attract visitors to the island. Fira is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Santorini. It is the administrative capital of Santorini and is located on the west coast. trip to Santorini Island is incomplete unless one visits Fira. There is  Thera Archaeological Museum and Thera Prehistoric Museum, are two important museums to visit here.


Before 1800, Santorini's capital was Pyrgos. a tiny village in the centre of Santorini. It comprises whitewashed Cycladic cottages built around the ruins of a mediaeval hilltop castle. There are several small, chic restaurants and boutique hotels. Pyrgos is among the most famous villages among many visitors and is probably one of the greatest places to visit in Santorini. It is situated in the centre of the island, close to Fira. The remnant of an old fortress that once stood boldly in Pyrgos is what helps make this location intriguing.

Some other places to visit in Santorini are Oia, Nea Kameni, Caldera, Akrotíri Archaeological Site, Red Beach, Ancient Thira, and Museum of Prehistoric Thira among others.