A travel plan for the next holiday in Morocco

While the architectural sites are amazing, the culture will allure you in

A breathtaking country in North Africa, Morocco is a country of cultural influence, mouthwatering great food, and mesmerizing landscapes. Besides, the locals with their relaxed life and the Moroccon lifestyle will transport the traveler to another world altogether. It is the rich history of the country that makes it attractive, charming, and allures visitors all long year. Right from the ancient structures scattered around the country to the rich culture and tradition of the country will leave one spellbound. Here is the Morocco travel guide for you to plan your next trip, and the places which are a must-visit.


This is a city still covered in old age and architecture making it a must-visit while in Morocco. This 9th-century medina is also one of the country’s previous capitals. The royal palace and other major historical sites in the Medina are the perfect places to start learning about Morocco’s culture. The must-visit places in and around for exploring are the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the Dar Jamai Museum, the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and the hilltop pilgrimage town of MoulayIdriss. Most importantly visit the magnificent Bab Mansour Gate, which guards the entrance to Meknes’ Imperial City.

High Atlas

This is North Africa’s highest mountain range and a paradise for trekkers. The best time to go for a trek in the High Atlas is from spring to autumn. The mountain runs diagonally across Morocco for about 1000 km. On your way to hiking around the mountain, one can also pass through the hiking trail in the Toubkal National Park, explore the souvenir shops and restaurants in Imlil, and most importantly enjoy the breathtaking views from the Tizin’Test Pass.


This is a seaside town in Morocco famous for its laid-back atmosphere and charm. Believe it or not, this town during the 1970s was a major hippie hangout. At the present moment, this town is one of Morocco’s artistic centers with an enthusiastic local art scene. This relaxed town is a perfect spot for long walks along the twisty lanes, where one will encounter tiny art galleries, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, as well as traditional souq shopping. If you don’t find much to do, take a walk at the beach or go surfing.

Some other places to visit in Morocco are Rif Mountains, Asilah, Chefchaouen, Sahara Desert, Rabat, Ouarzazate, Marrakech, Tinghir, Agadir, Fez, Oudaias Kasbah, Tangier, Dades Valley, Aït Ben Haddou, Rose Valley, Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque, and Dakhla to name a few.

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