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A Traveller’s Guide to Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is blessed with staggering natural beauty and a rich culture. This country is a unique fusion of grand megacities and hill-tribe villages which is exotic and compelling at the same time. With immense natural beauty to explore, fun things to do, and cultural heritages to witness, Vietnam is an ideal place for holidays. Here is a traveller’s guide to visiting Vietnam so that you can make the most out of your trip to Vietnam.

Whenever you plan to go out of the country for a holiday, one of the most important things is getting a travel visa for the country you are visiting. Compared to other countries, the visa rules in Vietnam keep changing. It’s advisable to double-check with your embassy or on the government website for any changes related to getting a travel visa for Vietnam. The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND), even though in some places, USD is also accepted so make sure to change your currency to Vietnamese Dong and USD so that you won’t face any money-related problems in Vietnam. Always have some extra money than the budget you have planned for the tour as it may be required during any emergency.

Learn some important local words

Another important thing to take care of is the language because, in the metro cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, most the people can understand and speak a decent level of English but the further you go towards the interiors, the number of people who understands and speak English will decrease. So, it will be helpful to know some important local words like food, hotel, water, bathroom, petrol, etc.

Commuting in Vietnam

Commuting in Vietnam is not an issue as there are heaps of options available like buses, trains, boats, and taxis of course. You can also hire bikes for commuting but make sure that you are wearing all the protective gears and don’t forget to carry the proper license from your country otherwise most of the insurance policies won’t cover you. Even though Vietnam is quite a safe country for travellers, petty theft is the cause of concern so take proper care of the cash and cards you have. Also, you may get cheated by taxi drivers as they may quote high charges so it’s better to have normal information about taxi fares that will help you against taxi scams.

Accommodation in Vietnam

Accommodation is not a problem here as there are many hotels, resorts, and guest houses available here and if you are on budget travel, then the option of homestays is also available as because of the growing number of tourists, many households in Vietnam offer homestays that is a cheaper option and you can witness the Vietnam way of living closely.

The best time to visit Vietnam is from February to April and August to October as the temperatures are not that high with the rainfall being milder.

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