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A Traveller’s Guide to Visiting Jim Corbett National Park (Part II)

The Jim Corbett National Park is quite popular for being home to the Bengal Tigers.

The Jim Corbett National Park is regarded as a Paradise of Tigers in India. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, it is the oldest National Park in the country. In the first part of the story, we have discussed various types of jungle safaris available along with the zones and many more fun activities you can do there. Continuing from the first part of the story, here are a few more interesting things to do and see in the Jim Corbett National Park.

The Jim Corbett National Park was founded in 1936 and at that time its name was Hailey National Park which was later changed to Jim Corbett National Park and the main aim to make it a national park is to protect the vanishing Bengal tiger. Due to utmost care taken by the government and concerned authorities, the poaching and hunting here are almost finished and the population of Tigers has increased and there are about 20,000 Royal Bengal Tigers in the park. It is the country’s oldest national park which is spread over an area of 520 square kilometres including lush green forests, hills, valleys, a large lake, a flowing river, grasslands, etc.

Apart from the tigers, it’s home to around 580 species of birds, and more than 100 species of trees with Sal trees making most of the numbers, above 50 species of mammals, and 25 species of reptiles. A huge 73% of the area is covered by trees and merely 10% is grassland. Even though the park is open throughout the year, if you want to experience and explore the total beauty and wilderness of the National Park to the fullest, then November to February is the best time to visit. During this period, the weather is pleasant and most importantly all the zones are open to tourists.

A trip to Jim Corbett National Park is an electrifying experience and there are various ways of going there as it’s connected to all important cities. The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport to Jim Corbett national park with a distance of about 170 km from the park. After landing, you will find cabs and taxis to Jim Corbett. If you are planning to come here via train, the closest railway station is the Ramnagar railway, which is about 3 km from Jim Corbett National Park. After you reach, just book a cab from Ramnagar to the national park. If you are fond of road trips then this national park can be reached easily by road from most major cities in India with the plus point of roads being good.

There are five Safari zones here, and the Bijrani Zone is famous because it’s assumed that tigers are spotted here more than in other zones. The second zone, the Jhirna Zone is famous for safari tours to explore the thick wildlife and lush green locations in Jim Corbett. The next zone, the Dhela Zone offers visitors some good beautiful scenery while Dhikala Zone is known for biodiversity. Durga Devi Zone is popular for bird watching as it can spot varied species of birds. Jim Corbett National Park is an ideal option to take a break from your mundane life and spend some serene time amidst the lush green Sal trees and relax.