A trip to Trivandrum – Sea and mountains together

Grab your bags and put some clothes on and get a train to Trivandrum.

Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala, a place which is famous for its greenery and natural beauty. We usually go to places where we may find mountains, hills or the sea. But Trivandrum has both of them. There are so many beautiful beaches and hill stations found in this place. Mother Nature is a great architect with a perfect knowledge of beauty. As one of the great creations, Trivandrum is enlisted. So if you are planning to have a trip, this place is suggested as a package for calming your eyes and mind.

Kovalam Beach: A beautiful scenery

A beach which is situated just 16 km away from the main city, is a ravishing place. A sea view with coconut trees on the beach with so many good hotels and pubs, a great place to start your vacation. The local handicraft shops, entertainment sectors and spas are also some perks of this place.

Ponmudi: A Hill Station

You have to travel 61 km to reach this hill station, to enjoy the fresh and light breeze. Ponmudi has a height of 1000 metres from sea level and it contains an authentic wooden path through which you may walk. This place has some tea estates with a place called Golden valley. If you are a fan of tea and coffee, visit Ponmudi to get the smell and taste of some authentic products.

Neyyar Dam: A Place for Exploration

A dam situated in the heart of this city, Trivandrum. The attractive nature is the key point here. Boating is possible for the reservoir. Apart from that there are Lion safari park and Crocodile farm for amusement. The serene weather and the beauty of nature can ease your mind and make you healthy and take you away from your everyday monotonous life.

Munna: A Rising Beauty

Munnar is a place which cannot be described by words, unless you go there you won’t be satisfied with its descriptions. This is the highest peak in south India according to the recent surveys. The tea museum, Pallivasal and Anamudi Peak are considered as must visit spots in Munnar. An appropriate visit place for 2-3 days, with proper transport communication and cottages.

Shankumugham Beach: A Perfect Ending

A beach near the city, on the west side. The famous sculpture of Nymph is placed here. Go and visit this place to get an amazing view of the sunset with some sculptures. Get some sea shells in return. Trivandrum is definitely a place to feel yourself.

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