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Accidental food: Famous dishes that were made out of nowhere

Some foods are made not out of necessity convenience or to satisfy any demand but of an experiment that went wrong or sheer luck.

Food historians trace the creation of food to a specific time dimension and often its ingredients become the key to unraveling its origin. Sometimes foods are named after a place or a person like the classic sandwich was named after the Earl of sandwich and sometimes their origin is untraceable. While some food items that might look very traditional have had their roots somewhere far like samosa which has its root in ancient Persia.

Then there is another kind of food that was born by accident. They were made not out of necessity, convenience or to satisfy any demand but of an experiment that went wrong or sheer luck. But then they came out to be so delicious that the accident turned into practice.   Here are some such favorite foods that you never knew were born by chance.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Born when the baker got out of stuff

So, what happened was one day Ruth Wakefield, co-owner of Wakefield wanted to bake a batch of chocolate cookies but ran short of baker’s chocolate. So instead, she used regular chocolate added in rough chunks thinking that they will melt all over the cookie while baking. Fortunately, what came out was a greater thrill and the rest is history.

Popsicles: A sweet treat made from a deserted concoction

One fateful evening, an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson was keeping him busy with a small kitchen experiment by mixing sweet soda powder with water. Soon enough he got distracted and abandoned the concoction. On staying outdoors in freezing temperature, it turned to sweet ice with a stirring stick protruding outside. When he tasted it the next day, he knew he could build a business out of it.

Potato Chips: A snack made to put the customer in his place

The most beloved chips were born when a customer sent back his French fries to Chef George Crum because they were not crisp. So, he sliced the next round of potatoes paper-thin and fried them till crisp to teach the customer a lesson.

Corn flakes: A tryst to make healthy cereal

This classic breakfast cereal was born when Dr. John and Will Kellogg tried to toast wheatberries to make a healthy cereal. They ended up baking the grains of wheat that were thin and crunchy flakes. They then recreated the accident with corn and viola, corn flakes were born.

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