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According To Ayurveda, These Are The Best Utensils For Cooking

Modern living has driven us towards stainless steel, glass, and non-stick cookware. We have almost forgotten about our old traditional cooking vessels!

When it comes to nutrition and health, we are more concerned about vegetables and spices than cooking. But we often forget about the utensils we use and how they can benefit our health and that of our loved ones. According to tradition, to make sure our food is the healthiest, we need to use some of these utensils.
Ayurvedic physicians state that harmful chemicals can leach off from fancy cookware. They can be a reason for many health hazards and severe conditions like chronic acne. In addition, ancient science has emphasized metals like silver, bronze, and copper are the right choices for cooking.

Copper Utensils

Many Ayurvedic studies suggest that copper utensils are much better than stainless steel utensils to cook with. These researchers claim that these utensils are unlikely to leach metal. Also, copper utensils reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. Copper is also known to improve metabolism. It is also a good metal for cooking fresh rice and storing it.

Bronze Utensils

Bronze is the oldest metal. Ayurveda considers it to be another good cooking utensil because it has many health benefits. Bronze utensils are great for cooking healthy food. Research shows that bronze is the best material to use for cooking and eating food. For people with Alzheimer’s, bronze cookware is often recommended because bronze cookware can improve memory. However, bronze vessels cannot be used with ghee.

Silverware Utensils

Since ancient times, silverware utensils have been used for cooking. They have many benefits. They can be used for cooking and are also great for healing ailments. Silver metal can be used to preserve, heal and treat. To keep water fresher longer, the Greeks used silver vessels. It is known that Roman Empire citizens used silver urns to preserve wine and stop bacterial growth. Silver utensils are immune to disease-causing pathogens too. It lowers body inflammation.

Brass Utensils

Brass is definitely the most widely used metal in small villages and towns. It is a good idea to keep water in brass vessels. This will increase your strength and immunity. It can eliminate germs from water in just 4 hours. Additionally, brass utensils increase HB levels, eliminate general skin issues, and calm pitta (burning sensation and aggression).

Clay Utensils

Ayurveda says clay utensils are best for cooking because they make food healthier, more nutritious, and easier to prepare. Clay utensils have porosity and natural insulation that allow heat and moisture to circulate. The clay pots also allow nutrients from the clay pot to seep into the food. Although cooking in clay pots can be slow, they prevent food from burning. In addition, clay pot food tastes great.

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