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According To These 9 Celebs, Pilates Is The Way To Work Out

In search of some celebrity motivation? Listed below are some famous celebs who vouch for Pilates as a form of workout.

Celebrities worldwide are known to have maintained themselves in the form of workouts. Here in this article are some famous celebs who have taken Pilates as a form of workout to remain fit and healthy. Read on to know them all.

Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence credits Pilates for keeping her figure in top shape. She claims she does 20 minutes of Pilates at home daily instead of going to the gym.

Mandy Moore

Many times a week, Mandy Moore can be found at the Pilates studio. The singer, who is just under 5 feet 10 inches tall, said that working out makes her happy. In addition, she claims that Pilates helped her tremendously after she had her baby.


Want amazingly toned arms? Pilates is just one component of Madonna's rigorous cross-training routine, resulting in her enviable, toned body. The 59-year-old celeb varies her workouts by incorporating different forms of exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, and dance, and has worked with several trainers.

Kate Hudson

Working out her core and pelvic muscles is a favorite activity of Hudson's. She attributes her toned body and abs to Pilates sessions with trainer Nicole Stuart.

Amanda Seyfried

This actress strengthens her abs with Pilates and boxing when she's not working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. That is the secret to her fit body!

Naomi Campbell

Pilates' star power among A-listers is unwavering, much like Campbell's six-pack. She lives in London, England, where she trains under reformer Dave Higgins' tutelage. In case you didn't know, Pilates has been shown to significantly benefit arthritis pain.

Selena Gomez

Often, the singer can be seen stepping out of a Pilates studio. Amy Rosoff Davis, Gomez's trainer, has revealed that she does Pilates, yoga, and dance routines to keep fit.

Camryn Dianne

According to her longtime trainer, Teddy Bass, Camryn engages in aerobic, Pilates and weight training sessions to keep fit. Well, she is definitely an inspiration!

Sandra Bullock

Have you ever admired Bullock's long, slender figure when she walked the red carpet? The actress uses various methods, including Pilates, to keep her physique in top shape. To develop powerful abdominal muscles, try this exercise.