Activities and the fun things you can do in the Arctic region

Beat and cold and see the while lands and its habitats

A polar region situated at the northernmost part of Earth, the Arctic comprises the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska in the United States, Canada, Finland, Greenland in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. The lands of the Arctic are covered in snow with treeless habitats. The kind of snow you will find most on the lands of the Arctic is seasonal sea ice. And amongst these snow-covered lands are naturally surviving wilds making this region their home. This wilderness is also best enjoyed with the fun activities that the place has to offer. So here is a list of things that you can do in the Arctic.

Go Polar Bear watching, and smile

Polar Bears are the animals of the Arctic. They roam around free in the white landscapes spending time and also hunting for their meals. The sighting of a polar bear is just like that of a Tiger in the jungle, it can’t be promised but one can always try their luck. The places to go for polar bear sightings are Spitsbergen in Norway, the coasts of Greenland, Wapusk National Park in Northern Canada, Northwest Passage of Northern Canada, Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic, Churchill in Manitoba, and Hudson Bay.

The Auyuittuq National Park for a day in the wilderness

This park in Canada is best chosen for hiking, climbing, and camping as it also provides all the facilities. Easily accessible by boat, the Auyuittuq National Park is situated at the head of an Arctic fiord. It is entirely a glacial valley comprising stunning peaks such as Thor Peak and Mount Odin. One can do activities such as rock climbing and BASE jumping.

Go for kayaking and birdwatching.

The many cruises that sail through the Arctic region offer the adventure of kayaking through the icy waters. Of course, you will be directed to the calm shores and guided by the ship. If you happen to visit the Arctic regions during the season of summer you are in the ride for witnessing an exotic number of birds. The best places for summer tripping in the Arctic are Fair Isle where you can spot Storm Petrels, Northern Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Guillemots, and Razorbills; or Jan Mayen, where you can spot Glaucous Gulls, Little Auks, and Atlantic Puffins.

Other things to do in the Arctic are Qikiqtarjuaq for whale watching, Sirmilik National Park, visiting Iqaluit, the Floe Edge at Arctic Bay and Pond Inlet, going icebergs watching, and Ski Mountaineering, among others.

Nirtika Pandita

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