Actors who Struggled During their Scene because of Costumes

Pay good to look good!

This is probably what we’ve always heard, that money can make you look good, with all the fancy costumes you buy. But, for actors, this goes a bit differently. The costumes you see them wearing require a lot of work to carry. It’s not always an easy job to be an actor, they too struggle with their costumes, prosthetics, makeup, and other uncomfortable costumes that might look fascinating to us, but is a real struggle for them. Here is a list of some actors who had to struggle in a scene due to their costumes.

Michelle Pfeiffer

To get Michelle dressed for the Cat woman role, she had to be covered using talcum powder, so that she could easily slip into the Cat woman costume. Not just that, she had to be vacuum-packed in the costume and would get silicon painted over. Isn’t that a lot to get dressed?

Tom Holland

He has been playing Spider-Man since 201. We all just go awe by the character without witnessing the struggle. Holland had to wear the spiderman suit that was full head-to-toe covered. This led him to drink beverages using a straw that had to be inserted within his suit without removing. That sounds quite terrible.

Margot Robbie

During her role as Harley Quinn, she shared that she could not even eat her meals, not even a burger peacefully. All thanks to her tight shorts that she had to wear for the role, which she mentioned was uncomfortable to stay in for long.

Amitabh Bachchan

BigB as we call him did some iconic roles where he had to fight with his comfort to get the role done right. In Paa and Thugs ofHindustan, the actor had to wear heavy costumes and prosthetics. For the latter, he even had to be given medical care for neck and back pain that was caused by the costume. For the movie Paa, we all must have seen, how tiring the prosthetics might have been for the actor.

Deepika Padukone

This Bollywood actor has once mentioned during a promotional event about the heavy weighing lehenga that she had to wear during Padmaavat. She experienced her backache and also bruises after the shoot.

Vivek Oberoi

For his role in the movie Krrish 3, he had to wear a metal suit, which apparently weighed 28kgs. Adding to it he had to shoot under the sun for long hours, with that heavy costume put on him. It definitely is not an easy task.

We now will probably thank the actors for the struggle they do to make us love their roles!

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