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Advanced Yoga Poses To Try

Here are reasons to give these yoga poses a try.

Muscle engagement, focus, control, balance, and breathwork are just some of the benefits of yoga. You can also gain muscle tone and endurance by practising yoga consistently. There are many reasons to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Over time, you may even want to take it up a notch and try more advanced poses. Make sure to do this with an instructor. Do not attempt these poses alone, especially if you are a beginner. Here are some advanced yoga poses to give a try.


Headstand could help to reduce stress and calm the mind. It could also help strengthen the core and back, as well as improve memory. Then place the crown of the head down and onto the mat. Press the forearms into the ground, lift your knees and slowly walk the feet towards your face. Slowly lift your feet one at a time. When your feet are off the ground, place your knees over your hips. Then ensure your ankle is over your knees until the legs are straight.

Crow Pose

The crow pose opens the hips, as well as, strengthens the wrists, arms, and core. Get into a yoga squat position before you walk the big toes together. Try and rest your knees on your triceps Rock back and forth on the wrists. Then lean forward only when you begin to feel stable. Make sure to use your core strength. Finally, lift the toes up and in towards the glute muscles.

Chin Stand

This pose helps to stretch out your wrists, biceps, and upper arms. It also helps to strengthen these areas of the body. The chin stand also helps to open up your chest and throat. To do this, get in a plank pose. Then lower your chest and chin slowly down to the ground. Next, hug the inner thighs in towards each other by using your core.  Lift your legs one at a time to rest on your hands and chin.

Compass Pose

The compass pose helps to open up your chest, glute muscles, and hamstrings. Begin this pose in a seated position. Then try and get your right leg over the right shoulder. Then place your right hand down. Hold the right foot with the left hand and hug your inner thighs towards each other. Press the right foot into the left hand to extend the right leg behind you. Repeat this on the other side.

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