Advantages Of A Step-App In Your Phone

Are you looking for a way to keep active, and remain fit, but are faced with a lack of access to a proper sports club or someone to play with? One of the solutions is to “walk’! It might seem redundant, but if you download a step app, it helps you realize how walking can be considered an ideal exercise. Here are some advantages of having a step-counting app on your phone!

Your goal is set- A step-counting app will give the total number of steps that you take in a day. Usually, there is a goal set, which can be changed as per your requirement and wish. Therefore, you are now given a goal right in front of you, and this is good. It gives you a sense of what you should do. If on a day you have particularly fewer steps, you can go on an evening walk to cover up. This allows a certain consistency in your exercise patterns which is crucial for your health.

Track of calories burnt– Though there are more advanced technical devices that count even the calories you consume, viz.a.viz the calories you burn, having a simple step app is satisfactory. There is happiness in knowing how many calories you have burnt. It is sure to make you feel productive.

Keeps you motivated – A certain motivation arises, now that you know that every step tends to have value. It is also advisable that one should ideally do 10,000 steps a day, which keeps your heart, your lungs, and kidney health, and keeps you fit. Having a count kept of the number of steps you take, makes you want to reach that goal. It is not elusive, therefore, but something concrete.

Health maintained– Ultimately, it comes down to health, which is the most important thing. Taking 10,000 steps a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, heart failure, cancer,, and dementia.

Weight loss- Walking alongside maintaining a diet could be your easy way into losing weight. When it is tracked through the app, it is easy to keep count of it all.  It would create an estimate of how many calories you are burning.  Keeping this up could lead to burning 2000-3500 calories a week, which would lead to a loss of one pound a week. The results are undoubtedly amazing!

So have you downloaded one yet?

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