Advantages Of One Leader Having Total Control

Maybe dictatorship is not as bad as it is discredited!

Dictatorship or so called one man controlling the whole system is often feared as being the most vile political system in the world. This system might have its own deficiencies but today we are going to look at some of the advantages(yes!) of a dictatorship. Let’s see some positives of one man at the helm controlling whole state machinery

Stable Government:

In most of the democratic governments, parliamentary representatives are elected with a difference of specific years. They can be changed in the next election. Meanwhile when one man controls the system they can stay for as many years as they want, as there is no election. Thus this system gives a stable mandate without much changes at the helm of the empire.

Faster Response In Developmental And Emergency Situation:

In typical parliamentary democracy a process or sanctions for a project goes through many administrative hands, hence it delays the actual execution of the project. On other hand, when a single person controls most of the dealings in government it takes much less time and the efficiency increases. This also helps the government to act quickly to any emergency situation, be it military or financial. For example, in the current covid situation or other pandemic situations, fund release & other actions can be taken faster if one man is at the top.

Diplomatic Camaraderie Among Other International Nations Increase:

Dictators are naturally gifted leaders and people’s men. Hence, they generally have a charismatic personality. That helps the leader to blend with diplomats of other countries with ease and policies are executed swiftly. Foreign affairs also falls directly in that one man’s hand and thus the decisions taken are normally good for the people of the nation.

Decrease In Corruption And Crime:

In the case of control of the power by one man, the multi administrative system falls and the inner bribing & other corruptive actions generally dry up. Officials charged with corruption are removed faster as the dictator has complete control of the system. Similarly the crime rate of the nation naturally lessens when one man controls the system. The police become more organised and crack down on criminals with ease. Also, the fear of corporal punishment heaves up on persons in general and the fear instigates the reduction in crime. Meanwhile in a democracy punishing the criminal is a much longer process with trials and other formalities.

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