Advantages of using a boom rod for recording

You must have seen sound guy holding a big rod with microphone during a film shoot. What is this and why can’t they just use the microphone to record the sound? Let’s find out.

Sound recording is an important of any audio or video project. The focus on sound designing and placement has increased in the recent years, especially after the wave of neo-realist cinema across the world. Filmmakers not only devote their time and energy in creating a perfect shot but they give proper emphasis on the importance of sound. Like a visual which needs camera and different accessories according to the environment and the situation, sound to needs different equipments. One of them is a boom rod which is largely used for recording sound for both fiction and non-fiction movies.

Important benefits

Boom rod is an adjustable rod in which you can attach any kind of microphone based on your choice. It is connected with a recorder through an XLR cable and can be easily taken anywhere. Like a tripod provides stability to the shot, a boom rod brings stability to the sound.  It is interesting to see that there are different noises around us and when you decide to record sound for the film, you have to take care of all the sounds. A non-fiction film like a documentary on a tragedy etc. might need lots of ambience sound and noise for the B-roll and to transform the audience to the actual reality. On the other hand, fiction films do not need much ambience sound. They are generally added later during the post production. Boom rod makes the work easier because it is handy and you can take it anywhere along with you. Another important advantage of using a boom rod is that is reduces the noise and it help in recording crystal clear sound. It is because of the stability is provides to the microphone.

Helps in tracking

Most of the shots these days require lots of tracking. We love the shots where the actors are seen roaming around on the street or lovers walking on the beach but what many people don’t know is it is quite difficult to shoot these sequences. From the perspective of a sound designer, it is impossible to take sound in these shots without a boom rod.


The only disadvantage generally associated with using a boom rod is that it might sore your muscles. It is not easy to carry the rod for the whole day and you need to learn how to properly hold the rod to avoid any muscle cramp.

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