Affordable Ways To Look Expensive

Here is how to upgrade your style in inexpensive ways.

You do not have to go over budget to have an amazing wardrobe. There are many ways to mix and match high-end pieces with affordable wear to look elegant, on-trend, and expensive. A few tricks and a bit of confidence is all you need to have plenty of classy and stylish outfits. Here are some affordable ways to look expensive.

Pick quality staples

When picking staples, make sure they are quality items. These pieces are after all the foundation for your statement outfits. Take good care of them. Tailor them if you need to so it fits well. This way it can last longer and you can wear them with many different clothes to create an outfit that looks expensive.

Tailor your clothes

If you want your clothes to look striking, make sure they fit well. Get your staple clothing items tailored. You will notice what a difference it makes when you do. Your jean and tops will fit way better according to your frame.

Steam or press your clothes

Take a little time to steam or iron your clothes before you walk out the door so you look polished. Clothing in poor condition, no matter how much it cost, doesn’t look good if it doesn’t look neat. If you do a lot of travelling, invest in a portable steamer as it is easy to carry around. Doing things regularly doesn’t have to take it took much time. 10 minutes is all you need to steam or press your clothes.

Give monochrome a try

Monochrome pieces are a great and simple way to add extra flair to your outfit. Experiments with outfits that include the same colour top and pants. But change the texture to add dimension. Experiments with this trend. Match identical coloured tops and pants with various textures to add a bit of dimension. Monochrome outfits look effortless and expensive.

A blazer is a must-have

You cannot go wrong with a blazer. This chic item can make even the simplest outfits look expensive and chic. You can match a blazer with a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt and a hat. You can wear a blazer with several outfits and for various occasions. You can even wear it to run errands. Choose a blazer in neutral tones or dark colours. Invest in a blazer that goes with many colours.

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