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Air Hockey: How To Win Every Time

Follow these air hockey tips that will be your puck’s worth!

Besides foosball, air hockey is probably the most popular table games you can find at any sports bar. The rules of this game are pretty simple. However, one need s to be a master strategy maker if you want to win at this game every time. You have got to be up your game by building a great defence and you also need to be a good tracker of your puck. If you want to be a pro at air hockey, here are a few tips you could try!

Set Up A Triangle Defence To Intercept Attacks From All Angles

The first and the most basic strategy that would help you win at air hockey every time, is to create a triangle defence for yourself. Besides scoring in your opponent’s goal, you most important move should be to defend your own goal. That means you need to keep your opponent from getting their puck into your goal. This is where the triangle defence makes the play since, it is the only defence that can intercept the puck attack from all angles. To set it up, all you need to do is place your hands in a way that would make moving in a triangle easy for you. Keep your leading hand in front of your goal keeping a distance of approximately 2 feet from the center.

Keep Your Mallet In Sync With The Puck

Although self-explanatory, tracking your puck on the air hockey table with your mallet is important for your game. Basically, tracking the puck means you need to make your mallet match the movements of the puck. For example, if the puck is coming towards you from the left, move the mallet to the left. Similarly, if it is coming from the center, move it back at the center. The best way you can stop a puck from entering the goal is by tracking it.

Stay Away From Multiple Banking Moves

If you know the basic banking tactics in air hockey, you must know when not to overdo it as well. Avoid multiple banking, i.e., making your puck hit the wall multiple times. This happens when you do not place the puck at the correct angles. Multiple banking would make your puck lose its momentum and power making it extremely easy for your opponent to intercept it.

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