Airship: Everything you need to know about the new map in Among Us

Innersloth’s Among Us just dropped another map and it’s the biggest one yet.

On 31’st March, game developer Innersloth’s newest maps got gaming content creators anticipated and later, explore the new map of Among Us. “This map is freaking insane. It’s huge!”, as Disguised Toast couldn’t curb his enthusiasm, neither did other streamers. ItsHafu, 5up, Steven Suptic, Dumbdog were among other prominent Among Us streamers who were the first ones to stream right after launch.

Players have options to spawn: Main Hall, The Brig, Cargo Bay, Kitchen (yes, there’s a kitchen on this map), Records – spawning options are random.

So how big is this new map?

With minute attention to every detail, Innersloth has composed the Fifth Symphony of Among Us maps.

Rooms in Airship:

Cockpit – Admin Table, Stabilise Steering are few of the tasks here. Clear blue-sky animation seen through the windows. A light blue executive chair sits at the wheels. There is one vent in Cockpit.

Walking down from Cockpit, Communications room fall on the left, Armory on the right.

The Engine Room comes next; a hallway with fuel engines on both sides, Fuel tasks and wiring tasks and one vent at the right side of the room.

Up the stairs is the Main Hall, with blue coloured floors. A ladder down from the last room leads to Electrical.

The Electrical Room (as dreaded as it is in all maps) is one giant maze, with one of the longest lever-pulldown tasks. You’ll have to remember the order and pull down the levers in that order. Needless to say, if you get “bodied” down there, it will take a while before you get reported.

Showers Room has tasks like picking up dirty towels and tossing them in the bin, Fixing showers, wiring, Empty Garbage. There is one vent in there.

Up the Showers Room, is a gorgeous round Records Room, with couches, a table and four shelves with task of Stacking Records.

There is a Lounge with two billiard table. Right of that are the toilet stalls and each door open manually.

Down from the toilet stalls, is the Cargo Bay where the most dreaded, Open Vault tasks has cost many a crewmates life.

Going left from Engine Room, is the Brig. Left of the Brig is the Gap Room, where tasks like Polish Ruby, Dress Mannequin tasks are there. One vent in Gap Room.

Right side of the Brig and after climbing the ladder (with some weird hand animation) is the Meeting Room, with the Emergency Button.

Cool Brownie Points for Airship – There a bridge that you hop onto from right Gap Room, to get to the other side of the Gap Room The animation of the Bridge is pretty cool. Cooldown stops for Impostors on the bridge.

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