Alien sightings at Chandratal.

What would happen if Jaadu from Koi Mil Gaya was real?

The theory of life beyond Earth is proven by many. Did you ever wonder what will happen if Earth has visitors from other planets? You will be pleased to know that alien sightings in various locations, including in India, is reported.

Just as shown in movies, UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects are the most exciting and intriguing topics. Although, its existence is a questionable topic; but in India, some people claimed to spot UFOs. Although UFOs and aliens give rise to numerous debates, these spots in India have reportedly experienced UFO sightings in the past few years.

Rishikeshis the city by the bank of river Ganga. People living in this city have experienced various divine sightings, including UFOs. In 2013, a person reported spotting a cylindrical-shaped object flying in the sky during a thunderstorm.

Ratnagiri is a district in Maharashtra which is famous for its delicious mangoes. However, in 2015 approximately 800 people eyes witnessed a 12 metre wide greyish flying object.

Ladakh is known for its beauty, nature and beautiful scenery. The border patrol force reported more than 100 UFOs movement around the Demchock area in Ladakh in August 2013.

In the September of 2004, the team of five spotted a white object at the SamudraTapu region and mistaken it to be a snowman. It was their last day of a week-long expedition of studying the Chandra basin glacier.

A senior ISRO scientist, Anil Kulkarni and his colleague Sunil Dhar quickly pulled out their digital camera to shoot the robot-like object floating towards their camp. Meanwhile, other team members rushed towards the mountain to find an oblong creature that kept moving towards them. According to the scientists, it had a cylindrical head with two balloon-type attachments, a body, two legs and hands. One of the team members also described it to be walking and pacing steps just like human beings.

As the object moved close to the lower edge of the hill, the excitement of the scientists got alarmed. The oblong object stood still for seconds when reached it 50m away from the scientist. Then it turned and started a steep 70-degree ascent towards the top. After few minutes, it was hovering over the camp for about five-ten minutes before disappearing into a white dot in the sky.

Ever since then, scientists from around the world have visited Chandratal. They come here to look for an answer to that unnatural episode of 27th September 2004.

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