Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

All About Striemo, Honda's Self Balancing Scooter

The lightweight three-wheeled scooter can hit a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour and has a riding range of around 30 kilometres

Striemo Inc., a part of IGNITION which is Honda’s new business creation program, has launched its first electric vehicle called Striemo. The scooter from the new subsidiary of Honda has a self-balancing capability that rides on three wheels and accommodates only one rider. In the following paragraphs, we have compiled more details about the scooter.

What is the importance of this article?

Given how the automobile industry is all about electric vehicles these days, Honda via its new subsidiary wishes to create an array of micro-mobility products and put an end to last-mile connectivity issues. Not to forget, the company also wishes to put its micro-mobility vehicles on campuses ranging from offices to colleges. Therefore, the launch story of Striemo is crucial because, in the years to come, such scooters are prone to become a part of our lives.

Speed, carrying capacity, charging time and more

Honda has shared no word regarding the motor that powers the Striemo or the battery pack that runs the motor. However, the self-balancing scooter is armed with three riding modes that have speed limits of 6 kilometres per hour, 15 kilometres per hour and 25 kilometres per hour.

The scooter weighs merely 20 kilograms and can be folded with ease so that users can carry it anywhere they want. One can ooze out an impressive riding range of 30 kilometres by charging the scooter for 3.5 hours and even though the Striemo is just a minor scooter, it can carry a massive weight of 120 kilograms on its three mini wheels.

Striemo’s take on their scooter

Commenting on the launch, Yotaro Mori, the Co-Founder and CEO of Striemo Inc., said, “Striemo is a new mobility product developed while leveraging know-how in the area of ‘human studies,’ which I amassed through my experience in the development of motorcycles at Honda. My goal is to make Striemo one of the most commonly used mobility products in people’s everyday lives around the world and create a better world where people enjoy the freedom of mobility.”

Price-tag and availability

The Striemo scooter is stated to go on sale in Japan by the end of the year, whereas it will make its debut in Europe in 2023. Last but not the least, in Japan, the scooter will be sold at 2,60,000 Yen (INR 1.50 lakh).