Published By: Orna Ghosh

All About The Perks Of Animation Marketing Plan

What is a better way to communicate than using fewer words and more visuals?

From being an essential element in the success of the entertainment industry, animation has paved its way into the world of marketing as well. Today, animated creatures are helping to build communication between the product (or service) and the audience while shaping the pre-digital era of the commercial industry. Companies prefer various animation styles to promote products and services- 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action videos, etc. It can be relatively expensive and time-consuming compared to traditional marketing techniques. However, new day technology has taken good care of it. 

According to reports, the global animation industry is worth around 350 USD. It is predicted the animation industry will grow in the next ten years as companies prefer it as an effective marketing strategy. No matter the cash flow increased due to animation marketing, companies see it as an investment for effective targeting, research, creativity and exclusivity. 

Here in this article, we will learn about ways animation marketing is beneficial. 

Animation Marketing ideas promote exclusivity. Companies involve marketing teams to stand their products out in the crowd- promoting uniqueness. The idea is to overcome people's mental blocks and draw their attention to the ads. Hence, animation is the best way to convey your brand stories to the customers. It is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Animation Marketing promotes flexibility. With high-end software and technologies, companies can have complete control over everything. Animations can be customized and aligned to brand standards and marketing strategies. 

Animation marketing is an effective strategy to scale businesses. As we know, the golden rule to crafting business strategy is the one which adapts and scales businesses. Animation marketing campaigns are holistic. It has throughlines and a clear goal to scale the brand within the fixed budget. 

Animation Marketing keeps a check on the marketing budget. Limited budget is one of the talkable problems for small and medium-sized companies, especially when they try to expand their marketing campaigns. In such cases, text ads might get considered affordable yet ineffective. Hence, animated video content can ensure better ROI. Be it animated banners, gifs, loops, etc.- animations are accessible and best suited to promote small businesses. 

Animations are the best ways to share your brand and have the tendency to go viral. According to recent reports, animated content can increase brand traffic by approximately 80%. It grabs the attention of the target audience. Also, creativity and exclusivity in the ads get viral in the blink of an eye. Integrating animated content into social media is an excellent strategy to outreach customers and receive great ROI.