All the things we need to know about Barbie movie

It’s finally happening!

After countless animated movies, Barbie is getting her first big screen. It is a wonder the most popular toy hasn’t been made into a full potential real live-action movie yet, but all that’s about to change.

All the hype is for real. Highly anticipated Barbie movie is, however, not the first lineup. The first was written in 2014 with Diablo Cody and Amy Schumer in the lead role. However, the plan fell through due to conflicting schedules. Now almost a decade later, under the directorial light of Greta Gerwig, the movie has taken flight.

The movie brings our beloved plastic doll to the big screen. Oscar nominated actress Margot Robbie is cast as the iconic character. Warner Bros revealed a first look of Robbie as Barbie and we absolutely can’t keep calm. Pretty in pink, the actress seated in a pink convertible, with a polka dot headband, stripped dress and a chunky beaded armpiece. The shot of the actress is enough to see how perfectly Robbie fits in the role of the iconic doll. The studio also revealed Ryan Gosling as Ken. The actor dons fake tan, blonde hair, abs, and unbuttoned shirt to show off the personalized Ken underwear.

But the movie is not just another Barbie movie. It is Great Gerwig venture and a reimagined story of Barbie. Robbie and Gosling are not the only Barbie and Ken in the movie. It is rumored that several Barbie and Ken characters are in the plot.

The ensemble cast includes many great names in Hollywood. The expansive star studded cast includes America Ferrara, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, Issa Rae Michael Cera are all set to play different version of the titular doll and her plastic boy toy Ken. Among other cast are other big names including Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emma Mackey, Scott Evans, Hari Nef, Alxandra Shipp. And of course, as photos revealed, Will Ferrell is set to play the CEO of the toy company.

What other Barbie projects have been there

Other than almost 40 animated movies of Barbie namely Barbie Of Swan Lake, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, Barbie in the Nutcracker, oher live action projects were thought of. Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were both attached to the role of the titular character. But due to conficting schedules, the movie never worked out. It was when Mattel Films and Warner Bros came together, that Gerwig, Robbie and Baumbach started working and the movie was revisited and finally brought to the big screen.


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