All you need to know about All India Radio

All India Radio, popularly known as AIR or Aakashvani is the Indian national public radio broadcaster. It was started in 1957 with the aim of entertaining and educating the citizens of the country. All India Radio is one of the biggest radio networks of the world with a large number of listeners.

All India Radio is located in the heart of New Delhi and it is a transformed version of the India’s first broadcasting network, PrasarBharti. Do you know that All India Radio is the largest broadcasting organizations in the planet in terms of the different languages it broadcasts all day and the diversity it has in the programs. The monthly podcast of Prime Minister NarenderModi, Mann KiBaat is also produced in the All India Radio workstation. The headquarter of the organization too is a known and famous office where many movies like Shahrukh Khan’s Dil Se has been shot. It can be said that All India Radio holds a great importance in the field of FM and radio in the country and has been effectively serving the people of the country since its inception.

An overview of how the AIR collects its databases 

AIR undertook the first Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) in the country in 1946 through its’Listeners Research Wing’. Later, Listeners Research Wing was renamed as the ‘AudienceResearch Unit’ with an introduction of 38 branches all through the country. However, AIRusually conducts listenership surveys for its own radio channels and its own consumption.Radio rating services on a commercial basis were provided by TAM Media Research for the firsttime in 2007 through its own independent division, which is a joint service of IMRB internationaland Nielsen Media Research. At present TAM conducts audience measurement in the cities ofBengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata only.

How is Radio Advertising effective? 

Radio is still famous in this era of digital technology. Though people usually stay engrossed inthe world of the internet, Radio has maintained its charisma. The biggest advantage of Radioadvertisements is that it has the lowest chances of Ad avoidance. You can skip an Ad in aYouTube video, you can change the channels on your Television set. But radio requires yourconcentration and focus. You keep your ears highly focused on the radio and this is the reasonwhy Radio commercials can have a great impact on the audience. Also, Radio has its reach. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from small villages to urban cities, theradio is very popular. Places where the internet can not reach and electricity is still a Utopiandream, radio plays a very huge role.

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