All you need to know about Blue Host

Web hosting has become popular since the inception of technology and the internet over the last few decades. You want to buy something without leaving your house? Simply visit an e-commerce website and your work is done. No wonder the internet has made things easier for us.

Ever thought about how these websites are available to users? This is the job of web hosting companies. They rent out the hosting services and technologies or you can say they provide you a virtual address to your website live in exchange of rent. Looking for a reliable web hosting company? Bluehost is the name you can trust. Let’s talk about how the company works and the various plans it offers.

The technology used by Bluehost

The company uses an open-source operating system called Linux to host your services. An easy-to-operate CMS system is available for WordPress users who look for user-friendly functions. A person with minimum technology and web hosting knowledge can easily understand how this virtual company operates. Bluehost uses the cPanel interface for better interaction. cPanel has been used by hosts and users since 1997, which means a lot of people are familiar with its interface. You can effortlessly log in to the cPanel account by entering your credentials on the Bluehost cPanel login page.

Benefits of using Bluehost

Easy to use: Developing your own website and using web hosting services is a tiresome job which nobody likes but Bluehost makes this extremely easy for you. As soon as you register yourself, the server will ask you a few questions like what kind of site you are creating and the features you wish to add. Your entire website will be live before you know it. Bluehost offers the easiest ways of developing a website with minimum effort.

Fast and responsive: An unresponsive website that takes a lot of time to load can frustrate you. But Bluehost offers responsive and fast website hosting. In fact, the company is one of the A-ranked web hosting providers in terms of pace and is known for the speed.

Data protection and security: Bluehost not only protects your website from hackers but also offers complete protection from any kind of malware. All your data is stored securely on the database. It uses various security services including SiteLock, SpamExperts, CodeGuardBasic, etc.

Responsive support system: It can be disappointing when your request for help goes unnoticed. When you seek assistance from Bluehost regarding your website, the officials serve you as soon as possible. Their service is super responsive and they attend to the customers with utmost sincerity.

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