All You Need to Know About Bounce Infinity’s Delivery Timeline

Launched in December 2021, Bounce will soon begin the deliveries of its Infinity E1 electric scooters

In December 2021, a scooter-renting start-up launched their own electric scooter named Infinity E1 at a price-tag of INR 45,099 ex-showroom. At that juncture, the company announced that they will begin the deliveries in March 2022. However, they missed the deadline, and the deliveries did not begin in March. As per the latest announcement made by the company, the Infinity E1 scooters will be delivered soon.

What is the importance of this article?

When the scooter was launched, it grabbed the eyeballs of many because of its aggressive pricing. Not to forget, the scooter’s INR 499 reservation token amount also worked in the company’s favour as they received thousands of bookings in no time. However, they are yet to deliver the scooters, which is a matter of concern for those consumers who booked the scooter. Therefore, this piece of news will lessen those consumer’s worrisome state.

Delivery within weeks

As per Bounce, the company’s Bhiwandi facility in Rajasthan has recently started the production of the scooters and is on its feet to begin the delivery of the scooters from April 18. The Bhiwandi factory of the company can produce 2,00,000 units annually. However, the company is aiming to set up another facility in the southern part of the country before the end of 2022.

Two variants, flexible price-tags

The Bounce Infinity E1 scooter is available at two prices. The first price-tag is INR 45,009 for those who will opt for the battery-as-a-service or BaaS option. For those who will purchase the scooter along with the battery and charger, the scooter flaunts a reasonable price-tag of INR 68,899.

What is a battery-as-a-service?

If one opts for the battery-as-a-service option, the rider will have to visit Bounce’s battery swapping centres every time the battery of that rider’s scooter gets depleted. At the centre, the rider needs to take out the discharged battery and replace it with a fully-charged battery available at the station. To do so, the rider will have to pay a nominal charge.

Last but not the least, the range and power of the Infinity E1

The Infinity E1 scooter has a claimed torque of 83Nm with a riding range of 85 kilometres. Last but not the least, with an impressive kerb weight of 94 kilograms, the scooter can hit a top speed of 65 kilometres per hour with a 0-40 kilometres per hour run in eight seconds.

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