All You Need To Know About Climate Change And Its Effects On Rains

The climate has changed continuously over the past fifty years due to pollution and consequent global warming.

The temperature, humidity, air pressure and wind direction of a particular place at a particular time are collectively called its weather. The long-term average trend of weather in a place is called climate. Our life is largely dependent on climate. Not only human life but all living things are dependent on climate. The climate of any one place keeps changing.

What is Climate Change?

Climate changes with time and conditions. It is not only dependent on the natural environment, but also on man-made factors. Over the past fifty years, it has changed due to pollution and consequent global warming. Although it started slowly, it has accelerated in the last ten years, and today we live in a changing climate, which poses dangers and serious threats to the entire human race.

Change In The Pattern Of Raining

The most significant phenomenon that has occurred as an inevitable consequence of climate change is the change in monsoon pattern. Air pressure, temperature, wind direction and humidity have changed so drastically that the entire seasonal cycle has changed. These changes are mentioned below.

Raining during the non-rainy reasons

In the past few years, it doesn’t rain only in the monsoon season. It now rains at various times throughout the year, and even depressions occur in autumn and winter. Rather, it rains comparatively less during the monsoon season.

Low rain in the tropical regions

Rainfall was earlier higher in the tropical and equatorial regions, but now the average rainfall has decreased significantly. Rather, the subtropical regions are witnessing untimely heavy rains.

Heavy raining in the desert areas

Globally, deserts are mainly found in subtropical regions. And there used to be almost no rain, and now there is an incredible amount of rain. Rainfall in the desert has increased to such an extent that more than a million trees have grown in the Sahara desert.

Concentrated regular raining in the capitals

Capital cities are more polluted and more heated than the other places and so there can be continuous rain throughout the rainy season, and even in the non-rainy seasons.

Consequences Due To This Imbalance

Unpredictable Drought and flood

As a result of the change in the time and place of rain, where there used to be drought, there is flooding, and where there was flood, the land is drying up.

Loss in farming: Economic threat

Unexpected rains or droughts naturally cause huge losses to agriculture, a loss that no one can solve. As a result, the farmers are facing a huge financial crisis.

Change in biodiversity

Extensive changes in rainfall and temperature are causing extensive damage to existing biodiversity and causing dramatic changes in it.

Change of lifespan of plants and animals

Lifespans of all species are decreasing as a result of these changes.

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