All You Need To Know About Jade Rollers, And Why You Should Own One!

Looking for something to reduce the puffy eyes and brighten your skin? Here it is!

As good health and skin enthusiast, you must have come across jade rollers and seen the miracles it does to your skin. There are plenty of reasons why you should try one. Here is how to use it step by step and how it helps lymphatic drainage to avoid puffy skin.

The Steps To Use A Jade Roller-

Dendy Engelman, MD at Shafer Clinic New York, says the primary way a jade roller helps is to push excess fluids and toxins off your lymphatic system. So if you notice puffy and oily skin when you wake up after a good night’s sleep, a jade roller can help keep it toned and smooth.

Jade roller work perfect for your under eye, neck and face.

Store Your Jade Roller In The Fridge-

The benefit of a jade roller to massage with the hand is the cool temperature. The cooler it feels on your skin, the better it removes the puffiness.

Cleanses Your Skin-

Do the regular skin routine, and then when your face is rinsed, roll the cool jade on your skin to uplift the skin and keep it smooth.

Apply A Moisturizer-

Once you are done with smoothening with your roller, apply a toner or moisturizer to seal the open pores. Massaging helps your skin absorb better.

Here Are A Few Steps To Follow-

Choose The Right Side-

The smaller side of the roller is ideal for your eye and nose bridge. The larger side is perfect for your cheeks, jawline, and forehead.

Roll Gently-

Avoid tugging on your skin. It will only get the pores irritated. Instead, keep it to 10-20 strokes and each section-wise to ensure it stays smooth and tight.

Roll From The Centre-

Lymphatic drainage is located on the side of your face. Rolling fluids away from your face to the nodes of lymph helps stimulated healthy skin.

Follow The Contour Lines-

Gently glide the roller on your skin and move along the direction of the natural contours of your skin. For example, go along the jaw and cheek area and keep rolling upwards.

Glide Through The Lymphatic System-

Roll down the edges of your neck and face and pull down gently. The common misconception that moving your skin down will enhance wrinkles is not valid.

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