All You Need To Know About Keto Diet

A high-fat and low-carb eating plan, Keto diet has proved to be immensely beneficial in weight loss and maintenance of blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

Keto is a revolutionary new diet that has fetched promising and satisfying results. In a nutshell, keto is a low-carbohydrate food intake that delivers adequate quality of dietetic protein and a high quantity of nutritious dietary fat.

The decrease in carbohydrate consumption makes the body shift from its routine of storing excess fat, to break down the accumulated fat molecules. During this process, the body enters a state of ketosis where your body devours ketones- its energy source. Once your body gets into ketosis, your blood and urine sample can determine the presence of ketones in them.

Familiar with the process of ketosis, let us now look at what a keto meal consists of.

The general idea is to take a meal with a nutrition breakdown of unprocessed carbohydrates of 10%, 20% of proteins from natural sources, and 70% calories from unprocessed rich fat sources. The meal would look like a plate of-leafy non-starchy vegetables, grass-fed animal meat and fish proteins, and fat sources like avocado, nuts, coconut oil cooked food. The ratio of 10:20:70 is like a guidebook to nutrition distribution to be followed throughout your day. You might alter your food habits according to your own convenience and timing. The low-processed carb intake, along with high fat and protein, is the root element to get your body to undergo the process of ketosis.

The visible benefits of a ketogenic diet would be a healthier body, improved cognitive performances, balanced blood sugar level, and better cardiovascular performance. The switch to ketone instead of glucose as the energy source encourages higher productivity. Studies have reported that lower carbohydrate intake supports insulin metabolism and maintains blood glucose levels by breaking fats and proteins. Reduced cravings and utilization of maximum energy from your food keep you more active and efficient. Even with your regular workout, you will feel pumped up to perform better.

How to determine if you are in ketosis?

As you restrict the carb intake in your system and increase the dietary fat, the body starts producing ketones. There are several ways to monitor the ketones in your body.

  • By using a breath meter, the metabolized acetone from hydroxybutyrate can be calculated.
  • Another possible way to determine your kerogen level is by using urine strips that change color due to higher acetoacetate levels.

Apart from following a low-carb diet, you can also profit from supplementation with numerous ketogenic products. Try replacing your snacks and meals for something natural and with lesser sugar and processed carbs. Some several soups and shakes promote ketosis and will help you slip in the process quickly.

Not only does keto help you lose weight and lower high blood sugar, but it also reverses an unhealthy body to a youthful one.

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