Published By: Ishani Karmakar

All You Need To Know About Makeup Primers

A primer is the one product that every makeup artist recommends to keep your makeup in place. You definitely need a primer if you spend a lot of time on your makeup but it looks completely run down after a night out with your friends. It doesn't matter how expensive your foundation or other makeup is – it won't work well without a primer.

What Is Makeup Primer?

A primer is a layer that you apply to your skin before applying makeup. It's important to protect your investment in makeup. Primer is that insurance! A primer can smoothen the skin, even out skin tone, cover large pores, and fill in fine lines.

Is a Primer really that important?

Yes! You should reconsider if you have seen primers at the makeup counters but didn't think they made any difference. It is worth the extra cost and it can make a huge difference to your makeup routine. This is something you won't fully grasp until you try it.

How To Apply Primer

A primer

Clean fingertips

Prep your skin

If you want flawless makeup, this step is essential. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face, exfoliate and apply a lightweight moisturizer before anything else. Allow it to sink into your skin.

Apply Primer

To even out your foundation primer, simply take a little bit of the primer on the back of your hands and apply it using your fingertips. Blend from your nose to the sides. Your skin will appear more even-toned, luminous and your foundation will set better once it has been fully blended. Allow the primer to set for a few minutes before applying your foundation. This will allow the primer to absorb and smoothen the skin. If you prefer to keep things simple, you can use the primer without foundation.

After application, the appearance of pores and fine lines will diminish. It will also reduce redness and smoothen the skin's texture.

Tips: Make the Most of Your Primer

You're probably eager to try a primer by now. Here are some tips and tricks for first-timers.

Primers are all about less. One drop of raisin-sized primer will do.

Before applying primer, moisturize well with an oil-free hydrating product.

Tinted primers can bring some life and glow to dull skin.

Make sure that your primer matches your foundation. Water-based primers should be used with a water-based foundation. Silicone-based primers should be used with similar foundations. This will keep your base from separating.

Primer should be applied around the eyes, and also on the lids. It absorbs oils to prevent makeup from creasing or smudging. It also softens the appearance of crow's feet.