All You Need To Know About Paragliding and How To Prepare For It

Dream about soaring high like a bird? Here is how paragliding can help you live your dreams.

Among the adrenalin rushed air sports, paragliding is what will give you an adventure of a lifetime while filling yourself with excitement to your core. Even though you need a considerable amount of training before you hop out with a glide, here is every reason why you should consider doing it at least once in a lifetime. Ready to get airborne and enjoy the view of an eagle by paragliding in the high skies? Here are the simple ways to prepare for a thrilling experience.

  • Always Book A Tandem Flight-

No matter how pumped up you are with enthusiasm, being in the hot seat does dry up your throat. First, book a tandem flight to have a professional show you what flying like birds actually feel like. You won’t have to control the parachute and just enjoy the feeling of being in the sky.

  • Sign Up For A Course-

If vertigo did not hold you back during the flight, you might want to become a pilot! But to do this, you will have to book a course to get trained by certified professionals. Even though paragliding can be an exquisite sport that is considered to be risky, it is one sport that follows the maximum safety protocols. However, it would be naïve to consider indulging in it without undergoing extensive training.

  • Buying The Right Equipment-

Practicing with the wrong equipment will get you disinterested in the sport, and you may not want to continue it further. Make sure you drill your instructor’s advice and steer the right kit for yourself. As a beginner, you will need a paraglider, harness, reserve and helmet. Even if you borrow the equipment from someone you know, make sure it has not been used a lot, or it won’t last long and be more expensive for you in the long run.

  • Join A Club-

Once you have qualified as the club pilot, you can fly safely in the club premises. This, of course, calls for joining a club to be a part of the flying programme. Ensure you take the one nearest home and make friends with fellow pilots to help in your progression. Your senior pilots’ years of experience will help you get over the daunting freshmen years, and you will progress better and quicker.

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