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All You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design

Here’s what you need to know about Scandinavian design.

Even if you are no expert when it comes to interior design, chances are you have probably heard of Scandinavian interior design. It is often referred to as a functional and minimalist aesthetic. It first became popular in the 1950s when function and affordability were preferred over preciousness and luxurious designs. Its light and airy appeal resonate even today as it is rooted in simplistic but quality design. This type of interior design can also be the perfect base to create a space that can also showcase your personality. Create an environment that promotes a life well-lived. Here is all you need to know about Scandinavian interior design and how to incorporate it into your home.


If you are looking to create space with this design style, you need to choose furniture pieces that are sturdy and simple. More importantly, they should be able to be functional and long-term. You’ll often find Scandi homes tend to feature a blend of quality investment pieces and budget-friendly items. Pick a few large pieces of furniture in simple designs instead of going for something statement-making.


Opt for natural fabrics and textures like jute, rattan, cotton, and linen. You can also explore chunky woven textures. Modernist Scandinavian designs also make use of timbers in teak, rosewood, birch and ash. Find elements that work for the space that complement one another.  Choose material in hues that can make sleek décor feel warm and inviting.

Colour palette

This style is all about adding as much natural light into a home as possible. Monochrome colours are the major shades used in the Scandinavian style. Choose a colour palette that is neutral and calm. Some hues to explore are soft whites, neutral pinks, soft amber, darker blue, soft icy blues, dark greens, and moss colours.


Nordic countries get so very little natural light during the winter. Therefore, lighting around the house is very important. You can maximize natural light with white walls or large windows. However, find lamps and lighting solutions that are functional. Take a sustainable approach to this.  Sustainability has become an integral part of modern Scandinavian design.

Fresh plants

Scandinavian interior design is also about bringing nature indoors as much as possible. Indoor plants will help you brighten up spaces and to breathe new life into them. They could also help to purify the air. Choose indoor plants that will thrive in your home.

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