All You Need To Know About Some Ancient Civilizations And Their Mysteries

Read on for some histories and mysteries of civilizations..

The history of the evolution of human civilization is very ancient and mysterious. The outline of modern civilization that we see, its very initial stage of development was through the primitive civilizations, there are many traces of it. It can also be seen how advanced thinking, conscious and intelligent people were even 6-7 thousand years ago. How to develop human civilization by coexisting with nature, how to progress from better to better life, traces of it can be found from ancient civilizations.

Some common features of the Ancient Civilizations:

  • Almost every civilization has developed in some river valley.
  • Almost every civilization had its own language, script and culture.
  • Almost every civilization had the practice of burning earth and building with it.
  • Traces of the use of cloth and ornaments can be found in every civilization.
  • Civilizations are believed to have practised cooked foods rather than raw foods.

Mesopotamia Civilization

It was situated between the Tigris and Euphrates riverPeople used to live there from almist 10,000 bc. But it took a proper structure of a civilization in between 5000-3000 bc. This was the oldest civilization ever. The civilization developed on the basis of huge farming of crops like wheat, barley etc from 6500 bc. The cities Eridu, Ur and Kish were built during 3500 bc. There were buildings, forts, canals in tge city. The people of Mesopotamia used to read, write, and even used to do cultural practices. The traces of sharp weapons and clothes shows how much developed they were during that period.

Indus Valley Civilization

Another old civilization, found in the valley of Sindhu River and its five tributaries. Here, people started getting civilised from 4000 BC and during that time all of them used to do farming. It began to develop as a civilization in the form of villege. But the development got a rapidity and during 2700 BC, they found two cities:

  • Harappa
  • Mohenjo-daro

There were big buildings, forts, canals, entrance gateways, academic institutes, auditorium-like structures, sharp arms: all those determined that they were so creative and smart.

Traces have been found that indicate that there used to be some business relationship between the Mesopotamia and Indus valley civilization.

Here, as an addition, there was a caste system launched during 1500 BC in the Indus valley civilization.

Besides, there was Greek Civilization formed during the 2500 BC in Greece.

There was Babylonian Civilization, close to Mesopotamia, where people used to cultivate science, mathematics and law.

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