All you need to know about Swaddling Babies

Not sure about how to make a newborn baby feel secure? Get accustomed to swaddling them and keeping them snug.

You must have wondered how newborns are so relaxed laying in a hospital nursery and why you can’t get them to feel secure at home, the secret is-swaddling. The comfy cloth wrapping your newborn tight, leaving only the head keeps them napping soundly.

Swaddle is recreating a womb environment to keep your sweet pea feeling homelike and warm. It protects the infant from flexing their arms which can cause them to wake up. Your kid will eventually come out of a swaddle when they are able to bring their arms and legs in their control.

How safe is swaddling-

  • Before we get into the specifications, we must know all about swaddling and if it is safe for your baby. Swaddling does come with some hazards. Even though it does help the new ones sleep better, if not swaddled tight, it will unwrap and has risks of suffocating the kids’ nose and mouth if left unattended.
  • Even extreme tight wrapping can lead to damaging the hip muscles of a baby. The ideal way is to envelop the infant lose enough to let the legs bend so that the baby can lay on their back naturally.

Things to keep in mind while swaddling-

  • When you swaddle your baby, make sure you can fit two fingers in the blanket on your babies’ chest so your baby’s legs can bend easily while being in the blanket. Always make the baby sleep on their back.
  • If it’s cold, you can make it foolproof by tucking in the blanket over the swaddle. But do not let your baby sweat in the swaddle, for beginners keep checking for signs of rashes or flushed cheeks.
  • A little pat on your burrito baby will keep them assured of mommy’s presence and result in a sound nap.
  • Every baby is different and had individual desires. Some babies may reject the idea of being in a wrap. And it is not mandatory too. If your baby is more agitated with swaddling you don’t have to put your baby in it forcibly. You can explore by putting their arms out so that they can tune in the process.

Depending on how your baby loves to kick out of the swaddle, you might want to get yourself a Velcro end to ensure a suitable wrap cocoon. You should keep a stock of diapers to deal with leaky accidents.

When to stop swaddling-

When starting with a newborn, swaddling might be a smart move to keep them secure. However, as the kids grow older, you might feel them resisting the wrap. Forcing a wrap might hinder their motor skills. Once a child learns to roll over, it’s a sign for you to stop swaddling.

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