All You Need To Know About The Crystal Make-Up Trend

Here’s how to use this trend to dazzle.

The crystal make-up trend is becoming increasingly popular. Now, you can try sparkles, bright colours and gemstones in fun new ways to enhance your style and keep up with the latest fashion. Bold looks and dramatic flair are not always easy looks to pull off as too much can spell disaster. However, with the right ingredients, you can make it your own and sport a fancy crystal eye make-up look for the right occasion. If you want to get sparkle ready, here is all you need to know about the crystal make-up trend.

About crystal make-up

If you like to experiment with eye makeup, this beauty trend may be worth a try. All you need is a bit of good-quality adhesive rhinestones to create a beautiful design around your eyes. This look reportedly used to be a huge hit in the early 2000s. Many celebrities have been spotted sporting these glitzy and eye-catching looks. Crystals were also a major highlight at a recent fashion week. What’s more, this look is super versatile and playful. You can transform a simple make-up look into something bold with this easy-to-do addition.

Ways to use crystal make-up

First things first, you need to use good-quality rhinestones. Do a little research to invest in the right kind. If you are looking to bedazzle yourself, there are two ways you can achieve the crystal make-up look. You can either stick face gems individually or you can use pre-made, intricate designs adhered with a single placement. The first option gives you more control over your design if you want to be more creative. However, both options offer stunning looks that are sure to be captivating. Consult with an expert before you try this look as lash glue is often required to apply the gems and can have a negative reaction on sensitive skin. Meanwhile, crystal face stickers may be a safer option as they use hypoallergenic and medical-grade adhesive.

Incorporate crystal make-up into your look

You should apply all your make-up before you add the gemstones as you may accidentally discolour them. You can even add a bit of bling to dazzle up your look. Opt for bold statement pieces of crystal. Match different sizes in uneven places. Make sure to prep your skin with a mattifying setting powder before you apply stick-ons. Decide on where you want to draw attention to the most before you place the crystals.

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