All You Need To Know About The Cult Film ‘The Breakfast Club’

‘The Breakfast Club’ is nonetheless remarkably relatable to this day, and everyone in this film is in his or her very own societal bubbles.

‘The Breakfast Club’ is a coming of age movie about five coincidentally specific teens all linked collectively by one common element, Saturday detention. At first, they are all close-minded and judgmental of each other till coming to realise, they might also be from specific circles of friends but are no longer so distinct in the end.

This film is nonetheless remarkably relatable to this day. Everyone in this film is in his or her very own societal bubbles, however, they come to understand they are all dealing with the same problems.

Here are the brief description of the five main characters:

Emilio Estevez

The athlete, Andrew Clark. is a committed wrestler with a deep-seated hatred closer to his father, who cares solely about Andrew’s wins and losses. He shows obvious disappointment toward Andrew, in spite of Andrew’s numerous athletic achievements. Andrew receives detention for taping an unpopular boy’s “buns” together.

Anthony Michael Hall

The brain, Brian Johnson, adores schooling and receives best grades. His classmates view him as an awkward, timid dork. Brian is positioned below huge pressure by his parents, who are obsessed with his grades. An administrator found a gun in Brian’s locker, leading to his detention.

Judd Nelson

The criminal, John Bender, spends his days as an angry, impartial rebel who couldn’t care much less about manners or grades. His family dynamic consists of a vulnerable mom and a vicious father, and it’s pretty obvious the place John picked up his attitude. John pulled a false furnace alarm on Friday and obtained detention.

Molly Ringwald

The princess, Claire Standish, is popular, spoiled and vain, and curiously her rich dad and mom use her towards each other. While Claire appears to deal with the fewest conflicts, she matures immensely during the film. Fittingly, Claire’s detention is given because she skipped class to go shopping.

Ally Sheedy

The basketcase, Allison Reynolds, is a non-public recluse who ignores society’s requirements and cares little about her reputation. Her home life is “unsatisfying” and her mother and father ignore her, which massively impacts Allison’s daily life. Allison attends detention because she has nothing better to do that day.

The message revealed in this film is clear and simple. Despite their outdoor differences, they all deal with the identical hardships and insecurities developing up. Ultimately showing how people who appear to come from unique worlds are more alike in the end. ‘The Breakfast Club’ depicts the characters ‘fears, hopes, and desires’ while asking the question, who are they?

Allison Reynolds, a quiet and secluded girl, who turns out to simply thrive for attention and acceptance from her family and peers, leaves the viewers to question, what makes her who she is

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