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All you need to know if you plan on Hitchhiking

Simple yet certain, get a lift and start hitch Hiking!

Hitchhiking is a way of transportation where someone gets lifted from another stranger. This mode is usually free but sometimes it can cost money. This is the basic means of travel for all nomads around the world who normally move towards better areas for them. Travelling can be a passion, addiction or a forte. Hitchhiking was not that much famous but due to some people and their achievements using this method is the reason behind present day development in this field.

Signal Used: Communication through Signs

There are different kinds of signals to signal others that you are a hitchhiker. These can be physical posture or sometimes placards with things written on it. There are different methods of physical gestures too. Palm facing upwards is a method. Extending the arm towards the road and pointing the thumb towards the direction they want to go another form of the signal.

Legal or Illegal: Laws Behind

Hitch hiking is happening from long long ago in a worldwide manner. So it’s not illegal in most of the places. However, in some places in America, the local government has forbidden hitch hiking for the passenger and driver's safety purposes. Some places in Europe where pedestrians are banned, hitch hiking is banned too. But one can certainly hitchhike to most of the places in the world right now.

Trend: A New Era

Though hitch hiking was popular from long ago, in the last 30-40 years the trend is downwards. With time the toxicity has increased which has aroused safety concerns for both the hitch hiker and the driver. Trust issues, cheaper travel methods, economical advancements are the cause of this decline in the trend of hitch hiking.

Influence: In Different Sectors

Hitch hiking is a topic which is famous enough to be part of movies, music albums, literature etc. Nowadays hitch hikers have started to build a worldwide community for their help regarding tips and information about good hitchhiking spots around the world.

Safety Factors: Some Steps need to be Taken

There are no such guidelines for hitch hiking safety but one can easily take some precautions regarding hitch hiking. Searching rides from gas stations, refusing drunk drivers, hitch hiking at daytime and finding another hitchhiker helps in the safety factor tremendously. Lastly you have to rely on your instinct to be satisfied with this mode of adventurous travel.

Now go and grab your bag, have a new experience with some people on the road.