Amazing facts about Gibraltar

Gibraltar is the British territory located in the southwest tip of Europe.

This peninsula is bordered by Spain and is a point of connection between Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. Africa is just a few miles away from this water body. Talking about Gibraltar, what we first remember is the rock of Gibraltar, a 426 meters high limestone rock located in the territory of Gibraltar. It is a huge rock loaded with biodiversity and beautiful landscape. There are many more interesting facts which signify Gibraltar as an interesting place in Europe. These are-


There has been so much evidence that Neanderthal habitation has been discovered in Gibraltar cave around fifty thousand years back. Evidence of homo sapiens like Stone tools, ancient hearths and animal bones dating from around 40,000 years ago to about 5,000 years ago have been found in Gorham’s Cave. Gradually as the time goes on this place is conquered by more than one power. During the Napoleonic war of 1805 and in the second world war, this place has marked a considerable importance in world history. Recently it has been a part of Spain and European Union.

Siege Tunnels

The great Siege tunnel was of considerable importance in the history of American revolutionary war. It was an idea of Spain and France to capture the territory of Gibraltar during American revolutionary war. They started digging this limestone rock in order to place the cannons within the firing range of the enemies. This seven to twenty- five miles long tunnel was again used by allies during the Second World War.

Trekking up to the Mediterranean steps

Trekking up the Mediterranean steps is regarded as highly adventurous. From the top, you can enjoy the sight of the sea and the city down there. You can also enjoy the wild life, hundreds of birds and animals who made the rock their home.

Amazing beaches of Gibraltar

Though Gibraltar is not at all famous for its beaches, there are six amazing beaches enjoyed by the locals and tourists. Its tropical climate, pleasant summer will make you calm down in a hot day. The sight of the Dolphins will also amaze you as it’s a special gift added to the beauty of the landscape.


Due to some relaxation of tax regulation in 2000’s, it has become a place for gambling. Till now, gambling industry plays a huge role in the Gibraltar economy.

Overall, it can be said that Gibraltar is a nice place to visit. You can think of going there for a change, what say?

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