Amazing Facts about the Animal Kingdom That Will Intrigue You

The animal kingdom is full of amazing facts that will surprise most of us. 

The animals inhabiting this world are not as simple as it seems from the outside because of their skills, traits, and customs. We have compiled a few of the most interesting and amazing facts about the animal kingdom.

Reverse Extinction 

Since the beginning of life on the earth, various species of animals have gone extinct but surprisingly some extinct animals returned back because of various reasons. 

According to research by the UN, every year thousands of animal species get extinct. Many researchers believe that it is happening because of the harmful activities of humans which led to climate change and resulted in the extinction of many species of animals. Surprisingly, some species of animals that were declared extinct were discovered again in small populations. It’s because a tiny population of these so-called extinct animals remained undiscovered by humans in some remote places and slowly their populations increased to be noticed by humans. Also, humans have brought back some extinct animals like the quagga or the bucardo in laboratories all thanks to biotechnology.

Many Animals and Birds Know Mathematics

You will be surprised to know that many species of animals and birds know mathematics as they have the ability to count.  

Animals and birds are not as dumb as we think and human beings are not the only rational beings on earth. Many species of birds and animals have the minimum mathematical knowledge such as counting. The process of evolution gave these species the ability to count which they use for survival, feeding, or mobility. Some of the common species that have the ability to count are pigeons, ants, and sharks.

Some Animals Have “Superpowers”

A few animals developed abilities beyond the 5 senses that permit them to do things that are nothing less than superpowers for humans. 

The term survival of the fittest is true in the animal kingdom and millions of years of evolution gave some animals abilities that are nothing short of superpowers for humans. Bats for example are not blind as many of us think but they have minimal use of their eyes as they can map their surroundings through sound. They emit a sound that is inaudible to us, bouncing off their surroundings and their moving prey which allows them to hunt with unbelievable accuracy. Vipers and boas can detect their prey by the heat they produce.

Life Originated in the Water

Life on earth originated from water and not from land and then it spread all over. 

Life first originated in the sea, and from there they colonized fresh water, land, and air. Some life forms, like flukes and tapeworms, have invaded the bodies of other animals as they are parasitic creatures. Life first started as a single cell of amoeba and from there it took millions of years to reach where today we are.

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