Amazing Facts about the Sahara Desert

You should travel to explore as it will help you to find new things about new places and again interesting knowledge about that place.

Today I am going to talk about the Sahara Desert which is the third largest desert in the world just after Antarctica and the Arctic. Spread with an area of 9,200,000 square kilometers, it is as large as the area of China and the US combined and full of facts that will amaze you. So without further ado let’s look into the facts straight away.

The Past of Sahar

You would be surprised to know that the Sahara was not used to be the Sahara that we know. It has lush greenery, plenty of water and different species of animals and plants used to thrive there. But it was nearly 5000 years back. It all changed due to the change in the tilt of the Earth which dramatically changed the climatic condition.

The Temperature

The Sahara is considered to be the hottest desert in the world with temperature reaching to nearly 58℃. The average temperature in the place stays around 30℃ and the uninhabitable atmosphere doesn’t allow anyone to stay there. However, due to lack of humidity the temperature at night remains relatively low and it can even plummet down to negative degrees.

Things to be found in the Sahara

If you think that in the Sahara you will only find sand and sand dunes then you are wrong. There are plenty of other things too. There are rocky plateaus, salt flats, mountains and valleys. Apart from the river Nile, there are rivers and streams in the desert, but they are seasonal. Other than rivers, the region also has lakes but they are mainly composed of salt waters.

Tourist Attraction in Sahara

Sahara offers much more than sand, it is a tourist attraction for people who like to do exciting things. If you visit the Sahara you can ride quad bikes, stargaze in the night, surf on the sand and also go camping and trekking and enjoy the stunning sunset.

Home to Different Species

Yes the condition in the Sahara is not favorable for humans but for some animals the desert condition is not so rough. Animals like cheetahs, gazelles, ostriches, fennec foxes and monitor lizards have adapted themselves to the condition.

There are plenty of other facts about the Sahara but these ones will get you acquainted with the place. Ready to visit the Sahara?

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