Amazing Things to Do and See in Iceland (Part I)

If you want to witness the biggest living creature on earth, then Iceland is the place to go.

Iceland is a European country that is quite famous for its unmatched natural beauty making it one of the most favourite tourist destinations across the world. Iceland is known for its spectacular natural beauty, serene lakes, mediaeval castles, delicious cuisines, and lots of outdoor activities to do.

  1. Whale Watching 

Iceland is one of the best places in the entire world for spot whales. There are about eleven species of whales you can spot throughout the year. In Iceland, whales can be spotted on almost all the coasts but three main places are famous for whale watching tours. The town of Húsavík is considered the best destination in Iceland for whale watching. It’s a small town with only 182 inhabitants and is surrounded by beautiful hills. The second best place for whale watching is the Whale Museum in Eyjafjörður, the longest Fjord in Iceland, and then the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík which is among the best three places in Iceland for whale watching. Although you can spot whales throughout the year, summertime (June-September) is the best period for whale watching.

  1. Go and See Geysers

Iceland is famous for being home to geysers, a rare natural phenomenon, and only around 1,000 of them exist in the world.

While visiting Iceland, watching geysers should be at the top of your list among the sights to visit. Geysers are natural springs and their specialty is that when the water collides with superheated magma, the water starts to bubble and spurt upwards until it explodes into the air with incredible speed and, in some cases, into amazing heights. It’s a very rare natural phenomenon and that’s why while visiting Iceland, make sure to go and see geysers. The most famous geyser is the Great Geysir, located at a 90-minute drive from the capital Reykjavík.

  1. Visit Lake Myvatn in North Iceland

Lake Myvatn is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. It is a beautiful lake situated in the highly geothermal active area in the north of Iceland.

Lake Myvatn is the fourth largest water body in Iceland, and there are numerous islands scattered across it. Tourists come here to take a dip in the geothermal water of this lake which helps in relaxing after a long day of exploring. The area is well-known for its vast range of flora and fauna you can see here. There are nearly 58 different species of birds in the area, which makes it a great place for bird watching.

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