Amazing Ways to Make Your Garden Bird-Friendly

To create a bird-friendly space, you need to meet some requirements of birds and accommodate your garden area to make it a suitable habitat for both seasonal and permanent feathered visitors. Below are some ideas to help you attract more birds to your garden.

Nature heals us. It lends serenity and joy to our lives. However, as the cities are growing and small towns are shrinking, we often feel bereft of nature in our lives. Who doesn’t love the sound of birds chirping in your garden amidst the honking and screeching of vehicles? If you want to create your haven in your home with many birds in it, it could be easily done. You don’t need to have ample space to do that. You could even do so on your rooftop, small backyard or even on your balcony.

Here are some tips to make your garden bird-friendly-

Ensure that they get food: If you plan to invest in a bird feeder, try to fill it with quality seeds procured from a trusted source. If the birds get food that is closest to their natural environment, they will indeed get attracted to your garden. You could keep more than one bird feeder and mix different types of seeds for the birds associated with your area.

Protect them from predators: If you have a rooftop, you could plant big pots with different plants, berries and bushes to create a small sanctuary for birds. In this way, there is less danger of predators like cats or dogs attacking them. You could also place feeders at a place where birds could sense danger around them. It is also wise to put their feeders away from large windows and doors to protect them.

Invest in a birdbath: Birds need water to survive but having a place to play with water is another way to keep them coming to your garden. It could give you a moment of happiness while gazing at little birdies take a bath in your garden.

Let the garden surroundings be as natural as possible: unlike humans, birds don’t find a geometrically perfect garden with mowed lawns desirable. They like to thrive in the wild and natural environment. Thereforeplant tall trees, fruit trees, wild bushes and berries in your garden. It will attract all sorts of birds to visit your green area. It would be better if there aren’t any artificially defined areas in your garden.

Also, you should let the magic unfurled by itself without any human intrusion. Birds shall make their nests or live inside the nest boxes you installed. You could change the settings from time to time to let your little friends explore the area themselves.

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