An introvert’s guide to communicate with colleagues at work!

Do you like to keep to yourself? Here’s a few ways to easily communicate in the work place

While everyone has their own personal space where they may or may not enjoy the company of other people, workplace is an exception for all. Here you would have to communicate to perform well, be a team player and put forward your best. Introverts find it difficult to let go of their comfort bubble and communicate. These tips will help you quickly learn to communicate better with your colleagues at work.

Don’t stress yourself out, polish your strengths

Being an introvert does have its setbacks, but remember you are a good listener. This is a skill which most people appreciate. The trick here is instead of drifting off while listening to another person; you can observe their points more accurately and build on them in the conversation. This will establish you as a good listener in the office, which will encourage people to converse with you.

But don’t just passively listen, add value to the conversation

While listening to another person attentively is a great strength, if you do not add to the conversation, it’s like talking to a wall! If you are new, at least give your point of view about the topic in a few words and see how people respond to it. Generally, in such cases you have the person’s attention once they have finished speaking, calmly address the issue and give your two cents. This practice will go a long way and help you through meetings, conferences and even casual conversations.

When you like the coffee but hate the inevitable conversation

Like the office coffee, but love to ditch conversations while getting coffee? Smile and nod; this goes a long way when you are new at the office. You can start adding your two line conversation after the first week. Ask about how their day is going and keep it short. This will help you not come off as a person avoiding human conversation and yet help you keep your comfort zone.

Don’t have an immediate opinion? Here’s what to do

Often you will have to attend meetings and such opportunities are great for you to have your thoughts add value to these productive and essential conversations. If a question is directed at you, you can choose to not answer it right then and there. When the question is directed at you, you can simply say that you do have some thoughts spiraling in your mind and would come back to it after some time.

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