Anger Management: Tips To Let It Go

Stop, breathe, think and let it go.

Feeling angry is normal in terms of reacting to stressful situations. However, letting your anger get the better of you is never a good thing. Often, we end up bottling up our feelings and let the anger simmer until it bursts out big and bad. Letting your anger control you ends up hurting our close ones as well as ourselves. The good news is you too can control your anger instead of letting it control you. Here are a few tips that could help you calm your fiery anger down and make peace.

Taking Deep Breaths

Your moments of outrageous anger are mostly accompanied by shallow breathing. It is easy to overlook your pattern of breathing in a heated moment. However, focussing on your breathing could actually calm you down. Try taking slow and controlled breaths. Make sure to inhale t from your stomach instead of the chest. Keep doing it and your body will surely calm down in a few minutes. You can also try some breathing exercises like sitting on a chair and taking heavy and deep breaths while inhaling and exhaling through your mouth.

Think Of Your Happy Place

Imagining your happy place when you are frustrated or annoyed would help you come back from a raging setback. The boiling stress will go away in an instant if you try to build a mental picture of your happy place. Think of the place that makes you feel at peace, happy and safe. It could be anything –a trip you have taken or even your home with your family. Try to focus on the sensory details of your imaginary place –the sights, the sounds, the smells. Remember to be aware of your breathing while you do this mental exercise and slowly feel your anxiety lifting away.

Change The Surroundings

A lot of the times, staying in the place of negativity could stop you from letting go of your anger. Take a break and remove yourself from the surroundings that are triggering your angered reaction. Give yourself some time and space to clear your head, calm your body and mind, and come back. Sometimes, staying within stressful space could elevate your feeling of frustrations and bitterness. So, the best solution is to just walk away for a few hours and come back when you have made peace with yourself and your surroundings.

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