Animals on the run: Some incredible and crafty Zoo escapes.

Here are some of the greatest tales of escapades of Zoo innates, which are not only incredible but would even tickle your funny bone.

The existence of Zoos is the subject of debate for some. But inrecent times, Zoo has stepped up and are working towards the conservation of many endangered species. Like us, sometimes animals too like to break free of the barriers and enclosures. Although, escape from the Zoo is a rare feat considering the amount of time and care the Zookeepers and the team of experts put in it. But many times, boredom or gaps in security can result in crazy escapades for the inmates. So, let’shonour these brave soldierson the loose and hear their story of escape.

Juan, the Bike lover

Only a seasoned jailbreaker knows that you don’t get very far without a good and sturdy pair of wheels. It doesn’t matter whether you are a human or a bear. Juan, a bear in Berlin Zoo,fleed his habitat in the Zoo daringly. He cunningly rode a moat designed log meant to keep Bears in their part of the Zoo. He even scaled a wall. He made his first stop at Zoo’s playground and scared some parents, and enjoyed his freedom by riding a merry-go-round and a slide. Zookeepers placed a bike (bicycle) in hopes to distract him, and it worked. Juan inspected the bike closely, and that was his doom. The Zookeepers gave him tranquilizer dart and carried him back to his habitat.

Elephant’s day out

One of thefavourite acts of the Seoul Children’s Grand Park was the daily elephant parade in the year 2005. Everything was going fine on that fateful day when one of the elephants in the parade was startled, and he fled. Afterseeing one run, other elephants too followed him. What followed then was total mayhem and chaos. They ruined and stampeded a garden, then gatecrashed a restaurant and even clipped a woman with its trunk. They horrified the entire neighbourhood before submitting and returning back to the Zoo.

Return to Sender

In the year 2011, Bronx Zoo made a desperate plea in front of the whole of New York and Twitter warriors to find its missing Egyptian Cobra. The snake had its taste of freedom for six days and was found just a hundred feet from its enclosure. The snake now has a name, and it is Mia which stands for (Missing in Action).

Do you know about any other crazy zoo escapes?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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