Animals that ran for a political office

Because it is better to vote for an animal than a human at times.

Most of the time, while going on roads with potholes, we often ask what is it that ministers do? All the promises and hollow talks of politicians during elections also make us wish that if they could replace them with animals, they may do a better job. A quick trivia that has already happened, animals have run for political office, and a few of them surprisingly also won. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the animals who ran for political office.


In the year 1920, the citizens of the Brazilian town, Fortaleza, were so fed up with the local government that they decided to support and elect a goat named Ioiôas a city councillor. BecauseIoiô was not an official candidate, they just wrote his name on the ballot paper. His votes were not considered valid, but he became quite a celebrity. So, when he died, he was honoured, and his stuffed body was handed over to the local museum.


In the same fashion, in the year 2013, the frustrated voters of the Mexican town of Xalapa started supporting a cat named Morris for the post of Mayor. It all started as a joke, but soon, the movement attracted 1,50,000 likes on Facebook and about 75000 votes in the election. But as the rules state, Morris was eligible to run for office. But still, people argued and persisted that he was perfect for the job as he sleeps and does nothing at all, all day long!

Bosco Ramos

In 1981, it finally happened when a dog named Bosco Ramos fought the election of Mayor for the city of Sunol, California and won, defeating two homo sapiens! When this magical moment happened, reporters from around the world flocked to meet the new Mayor himself. A newspaper even claimed that this is a perfect example of why elections are such a flawed concept. Nonetheless, Ramos served office for 13 years and even had a bronze statue in his name after his death.

 Boston Curtis

In the year 1938, the Mayor of Milton, Washington endorsed a mule named Boston Curtis for the Republican precinct seat (the Mayor was a democrat, by the way). This mule won with a landslide victory by 51-0. Mayor later clarified, he did it solely to prove that people don’t even know whom they are voting for.

So, what do you think of that? Would you support the animal world if they ran for office?

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