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Anime that are banned in certain countries

Not all anime are accepted fully everywhere

Anime is a fantastic world of entertainment that covers just about every genre you can think of. It's fun to watch and can take you on incredible journeys. But here's the thing: anime can sometimes get pretty wild and touch on some controversial topics. While it might be animated, the content can be pretty mature.

You see, anime can tackle all sorts of subjects, from violence to even more sensitive issues like incest. Because of this, some countries have decided to ban certain anime shows, especially for younger viewers. We have prepared a list of banned anime from around the world.


Banned in France

Okay, so picture this: a clumsy superhero wrestler named Kinnikuman. It's all fun and games until we meet a character named Brocken Jr., who's rocking a Nazi uniform. Now, here's the twist – Brocken Jr. doesn't support any Nazi stuff, but just having that uniform in the show was enough for France to say, "Nope, we're banning this!"


Banned in Saudi Arabia

Now, Pokémon is a global phenomenon, right? But not so much in Saudi Arabia. Here's why: they got all worked up about the card game that goes along with Pokémon. Some folks there thought it promoted gambling, and to make things even weirder, there were these crazy claims that Pokémon was secretly pushing Christianity and Zionism. So, out it went!

Inuyashiki Last Hero

Banned in Russia

Russia had its own beef with an anime called Inuyashiki. It's about a guy with cancer who becomes a super-powered cyborg. But Russia wasn't feeling it because there were no age restrictions, and the show had some pretty intense stuff going on. Lucky for the fans, they later added those age ratings and lifted the ban.

Kodomo no Jikan

Banned in USA

Now, Kodomo no Jikan is all about love, personal growth, and pushing boundaries, which sounds okay until you realize it pushes those boundaries a bit too far for some folks in the United States. Certain regions there said, "Nope, too sensitive," and banned it.

High School DxD

Banned in New Zealand

High School DxD is known for its steamy scenes, and New Zealand wasn't having any of it. They decided it wasn't suitable for young eyes, so it got the boot.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Banned in Australia

The Land Down Under, Australia, was in a similar boat with How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. The explicit scenes made it a no-go, even with attempts at censoring.

Crayon Shin-Chan

Banned in India

India had its own adventure with Crayon Shin-Chan. Parents there were worried about the influence of the show's themes on their kids, so they temporarily banned it. Eventually, it came back but with loads of edits.

Tokyo Ghoul

Banned in Russia

Russia had a stomachache from all the gore and cannibalism in Tokyo Ghoul. They figured it wasn't for the average viewer, so it got banned.

Death Note

Banned in China

China had an unusual issue with Death Note. Students were making their own "Death Note" books and freaking out their classmates. So, the ban was put in place to stop the scare.

Voltes V

Banned in Philippines

In the Philippines, Voltes V was a massive hit. But here's the twist: the president at the time, Ferdinand Marcos, saw it as a threat because of its popularity. So, he banned it during his rule. But guess what? When his presidency ended, the ban was lifted, and it came back with a bang!


Banned in Norway

Our journey wraps up with Kite, an anime about a young girl turned assassin. Norway banned it due to its explicit sexual and violent content, thinking it was too much for the public.