Annoying things cats do that we love

Cat habits are…peculiar, to say the least. Cats are great pets. Their furry toes, their little beans, whiskers, the squinty eyed look – adorable. With all the furry cuteness, comes the mighty feline attitude and annoying habits.

If you have ever had a pet cat, you’d relate to most of these.

They bring you presents

If you have ever tried to find the cause of a rotten smell, chances are your cat has left you a meaty treat behind a counter or on the stairs. Presents could be a dead rat, carcass – anything that shows how proud they are of their hunt and want you to do the same. If you have freaked out and cringed at the sight of the presence, chances are your cat is enjoying your reaction. But with time and training, cats can be made to leave their presents outside the house.

Night zoomies are big time annoyance

Cats sleep all day and nighttime is their time to shine. Incessant jumping on stuff, constant movement around the living room, 2 AM zoomies are a normal thing. If you own a cat, chances are you’ve woken up in the middle of the night because your cat won’t stop turning your house into a marathon trail.

Your sleep means little to them

Woken up with a heavy weight on your chest? It’s your cat asserting their dominance by sitting on top of you. Your sleep means little to them. So even if its past midnight and they’re hungry, they won’t stop themselves from making their hunger known. If morning comes and you find your cat sitting near you, it’s them letting you know they need to be fed.

Stare into nothing

Sometimes cats stare into nothing. They fix their gaze on the wall, or at something behind you. This habit of theirs is scary to people, thanks to horror movies.

No table manners

A cat meowing at the smell of food and they jump on the table to beg for food. It isn’t like they have been starved or anything. It’s just that at some point you or someone else might have given them food off their plate that leads to bad table manners. It can be annoying when you are trying to have dinner and you have a cat pawing you for a share of your food.

Scratch everything

Poles, walls, your arms – cats love a good scratching post. The annoying thing is they like to scratch pretty much anything that has a rough surface. The best thing to tackle this habit is to buy your cat a scratching pole.

Drop items like they mean nothing

Cats know they are so adorable they can get away with pretty much anything. They drop items like they mean nothing. For you it might be a sentimental gift or an expensive vase. For your cat it is just another thing they can throw off the table.


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